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    A nautical page in my sketchbook… This will take a lot longer to paint than what it took to draw…

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    Tattoo Blog

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    The blanket octopus uses an extra flap of webbed skin to appear larger than it is to scare off predators. 

    To add to its badass-ness, it is also impervious to Portuguese Man O’ War, and has been known to rip of its tentacles to use as a whip-like weapon. 

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    untitled - hypno

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    Maori Octopus - The moms care for their young

    The stunning Maori Octopus, scientifically named Octopus maorum (Octopodidae) is the Australia’s largest octopus found in New Zealand and southern Australia, with an armspan that reaches over three meters.

    The body is oval-shaped and the eyes are large. The arms are long and muscular, the front pair being the longest and broadest. They are around 4 to 6 times the body length, each with two rows of suckers. The skin is covered in scattered large fingers of skin forming a spiky appearance in some postures.

    Observations on captive specimens indicate that females exhibit maternal care. Two weeks prior to laying eggs females stop feeding, then once the females lay eggs (approx. 5000-7000) these are constantly cared for, with the female frequently cleaning and constantly guarding the eggs. She uses two or more tentacles to sweep the eggs with slow, radial and undulating movements along each tentacle, probably as an aeration function. Brooding duration is between 51 and 59 days. 

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    Photo: ©Peter Fuller

    Locality: Pt. Lonsdale, Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria, Australia